2019 is well under way…

  • February 6, 2019
  • By Kathleen Francis
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This was written while entering the New Year. Something to reflect upon as a winter-y February is well under way. 

Sometimes we forget how much 365 days brings to their lives. On this first day of 2019, I wanted to take the time to reflect on the past year, as well as the 365 days I am blessed to have lie ahead of me. New Year’s marks a new beginning. Now that the Christmas music is off the radio waves, we will hear and see across all media forms an onslaught of advertising campaigns taking advantage of our cultural tradition of New Year’s Resolutions. Words like: New, Change, Goals, Success, Progress, Results…all are valued as ‘better’ than the person we were in the previous year. We have the opportunity to see our lives as a blank slate upon which we can create an entirely new experience of ourselves. How fantastic!

While there can be a lot of positive in the drive for change, I think one thing what is lacking in this cultural perspective is a sense the preciousness of Life in general, and a sense of acceptance of our humanity. The focus on progress can be great, but if the cost is that we internalize the pressure to always be better and more, when are we ever ok with what is? With the person we are today? With the person we have been in 2018?

And so, we can also look at the other side to the newness of the year: it also marks an ending. Perhaps we had goals and resolutions that we did not meet in 2018, and can bring a sense of acceptance to our disappointment. Perhaps we reached pinnacles of success that we had been reaching towards and can celebrate and move forward. We may have lived losses, large or small. We may have stretched ourselves through deep inner reflection and work, facing our personal demons or navigating a relationship towards a better course of health and harmony. We may have trained our minds or bodies and felt the benefits of a stronger, more flexible experience of our self. Or perhaps these goals remained unreachable and we look at ourselves with self-criticism at facing yet another year repeating the same bad habits, mistakes, or negative relationship dynamics.


Everything has a positive side and a negative side. This is what the yin/yang symbol teaches us. How the two polar opposites come together to make a whole. You cannot be whole without the other part ~ be that the experience of the New Year, with both its sense of releasing endings and welcoming new beginnings; or with our experience of ourselves, with both our positive and negatives aspects. We can only be whole when we embrace all of our Self.

May this New Year be what it needs to be for you. In this season of change, I wish for you comfort and challenge, stability and flexibility, self-awareness and presence, evolution and groundedness, and, most of all, love and self-acceptance.

In wellness,


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